Tarraxa ma mi (No 1) – Monthly Tarraxinha/Kizomba/Zouk Bass/Ghetto Zouk Round Up


With Zouk Bass dominating the whole field of Tropical Bass in 2013, we not only saw a lot of new and well known producers jumping on that bandwagon, you could also notice a heightened interest in the origins of that sound: Tarraxinha, Kizomba and Ghetto Zouk. We always tried to represent all aspects of this movement, meaning producers and DJs from the past and present and all those genres involved, and talked in length about appropriation, genealogy and other related topics (check out the related posts section to immerse yourself deeper in that discourse).

Nevertheless, our new monthly “Tarraxa ma mi Round Up” will tackle a different aspect – the special demands DANCERS have!

Dancing Kizomba and Tarraxinha is great fun, and if you have tried it you will never want to stop again. Having fun in the club for you means shaking your bootie (or in this case your bunda)? Try Kizomba! You thought Social Dancing is not for you because you need that heavy bassline? Try Kizomba! I can recommend it to everyone, and as it is a craze in the international dancing world right now, you should find a place to learn and practice almost in every bigger city, at least in Europe, the US and Africa.

As you will find many banging tunes that will shake a bass-heavy club environment as much as a Kizomba-dancing crowd, but not every Zouk Bass tune is danceable, it totally makes sense for us to start with this monthly round up of the best new stuff from the world of Tarraxinha, Kizomba, Ghetto Zouk and Zouk Bass for dancers. It will be from a dancer’s perspective but always with an eye on the club – so hopefully many people will find themselves in this totally subjective selection. This perspective also means the selection is very open for sounds from other genres or genre-hybrids. As long as you it is suitable for dancing Kizomba and/or Tarraxa on it, you will find it here (great example: many Baile Trap/Twerk productions will burn down any Kizomba crowd in an instant).

DJ Bison – The Wave of Tarraxinha EP
DJ Bison is definitely one of the most interesting young, up and coming producers of Tarraxinha and Zouk Bass. This EP was just released on Generation Bass and is a sure shot – stripped down to the essentials with a quite dark flavor.

Not from the EP, but brand-new:

Aaliyah – Are you that somebody (J.B. Kizomba/Tarraxinha Remix)
I love me some Aaliyah anytime. This is a perfect and on point remix chopping up the iconic Aaliyah/Timbaland combo “Are you that somebody”.

Second tune is a a Tarraxinha rework of one of the best TLC tunes ever, “Silly Ho”.

Os Intocáveis – Não Balança
Nice vibing club tune by “the Untouchables”.

MC Ti Pocki – Quero Bunda (Comrade Baile Twerk Remix)
Yes, Comrade. Yes, Twerk-Rasterinha-Rework. Yes, works.

Vybz Kartel – Ever Blessed (DJ Paparazzi Remix)
Well, you can even dance Kizomba on Vybz Kartel. Dark-vibed remix by prolific DJ Paparazzi from London. Definitely check out his free “Booty Pack Volume 2” for more great stuff.

Saaphy – Game Over
Superfresh Kizomba tune by french artist Saaphy, just released today! Produced by Elji Beatzkilla, a US-based rapper and producer with Cape Verdian roots who is also responsible for Stony’s huge “Dança Kizomba”.

Fantastic Vibes – La La La (Naughty Boy/DJ Rams Remix)
A little bit older already but still going very strong. DJ Rams is a specialist for very clever constructed instrumentals and a favorite among technical dancers.

Mika Mendes – Magico (DJ Estraga Remix)
“Magico” was a big hit in 2013, this remix gives it a quite ambient and spheric vibe.

Twenty Fingers – Estou a desconfiar
Those guys are my favorite artists from Mocambique actually. Also check their ubertunes from 2013, “Jet Aime” and “Agarra”.

Nelly Furtado – Say it right (Remixed by Malcolm)
Easy going remix that makes Nelly Furtado listenable again.

DJ Express – Dirty Kizomba (Part 2) Mixtape
Everyone who puts that Jersey Club squeeking on Kizomba tunes has to be featured. Check this minimix with a couple of DJ Express remixes, who is btw the production collaborator of Elji.

DJ Ly-COox – Ta Doer
Last one for the Tarraxa heads ;).

The super-convenient “Tarrxa ma mi (No 1)”-Soundcloud-Playlist: