Various Artists – Navidades con Etoro 2013


Tropical Bass Empire, Miss Isa GT, and her record ETORO are releasing their annual X-Mas compilation.

Navidades con ETORO is a sweet travel to the actual Latino-inspired scene, which actually serves as a curator type of experience:

If you want to know more about the actual meaning of the music, I will refer to Isa’s words:

“Music compilations are very important at xmas time in Colombia, it is a nice memory I have from xmas time, the soundtrack of December, each track brings so many memories. It was clear for me that when I had my record label , I’d curate a compilation every December”

All the tracks in this compilation are festive and upbeat, a premise of Isa’s curatorial duties. Let this compilation play from start to finish, let it it take you places.

The compilation kicks off with Cero39, one of Colombia’s most talked about artists of 2013. The track Berlombia uses of the marimba, characteristic of the Colombian pacific coast, to evoke feelings of long journeys into the deep unknown.

Track number 2 is a worldwide premier. Many Faces is the new project of Isa GT and Sasa (In Flagranti). ‘If You Want’ gives listeners a glimpse of what’s coming up on their debut EP. The shimmering melodies are complemented with Isa’s raw talent for combining catchy lyrics with aloof vocals.

Etoro compilation regular Moroka presents us with Loop Edge, a track with a hint of early Daft Punk. Moroka takes a loop and crafts it a whole song, by taking one section to build into an exciting composition.

Track 4 is a collaboration between two Colombian artists Caballo (Mad Decent) and Pernett. ‘Calle Infierno’ is a critical look at today’s situation in Colombia. The song combines current events with dance music, denouncing the injustice of the farmers’ crisis.

Track number 5 marks the return of Waya Waya, the duo from Aguascalientes, Mexico who released the amazing La Tribu EP on Etoro last year. For this compilation Waya Waya bring their tribal sounds to Ashewo, a haunting rooty futuristic piece.

On track 6, Isa GT teams up with Texas duo Royal Highness, who created the perfect mix of punchy beats and Latin cadence for Isa to jump on vocal duties and pay respect to Latino star Chingo Bling (who coined the term Juan Hunna)

Next Brain Damage by Argentina’s Fede Flores, features a Latin rhapsody full of compassed rhythms and drums.

To wrap up the compilation we have Bigote from Spain, who adds Suck My Dick to the compilation. The Jersey House-inspired track has bold lyrics and spirit that make you vogue all the way home.