Umoja – Vuelo Nocturno Remixes

Three months after the release of their beautifull EP Vuelo Nocturno, Umoja has solicited from their contemporaries for an elaborate project: Vuelo Nocturno Remixes EP.
This time the gloves are truly off; genre categorization is non- existent, reinterpretation of the original works is their sole aim. Staying true to their mantra of ‘Unity’, the sunshine duo have elicited remixes from the likes of Prace, Oby Nine, El Búho, Bleepolar, Dany F, Safari Utrecht, Deela and Signs Of Ignorance – all phenomenal artist-producers in their own right. Vuelo Nocturno Remixes as a body of work is substantially varied in style, arrangement and composition. The EP takes on a conversational approach with each producer responding to a musical idea instigated by Umoja.

Catch Umoja Live 13. December Bad Bonn Fribourg/Swiss and 10. January Cologne/Germany Mash It Up