Premiere: Palenke Soultribe


Palenke Soultribe is back with their infectious blend of Afro-Colombian cumbia and electronic music.

Dudes are virtually killing it with one of the strongest releases for this season!!

Expanding on the content of their latest studio LP, MAR, The Colombian duo set out to step up their game a level up with their brand new effort, El Pulpo, follow up to their acclaimed album, “ORO” album!!

The band’s most recent single, La Gozadera, is accompanied by a lively music video, produced by the group members themselves. It’s an insight of the love that the group gets from their loyal global fan base!

The entire new EP is a tribute to legendary Colombian singer Petrona Martinez, featuring a house remix of one of her most beloved tunes, Las Penas Alegres. AND TOTALLY SUPPORTED BY THE QUEEN HERSELF!!

So they want to actually make a fair deal with listeners and DJS!!
They are giving away this 5 track EP,

and the whole album can be purchased in the usual places!!

MAR – Acclaimed full length album now available in Mexico!

Meanwhile, previous work Mar found a release outlet in Mexico, by way of independent record label Casete, an initiative of Camilo Lara, director of the Mexican Sound Institute (Instituto Mexicano Del Sonido).

Palenke Soultribe is all about spreading their groove around the world: The group toured extensively throughout the world, including several performances in the United States, Europe and Mexico.