Kinky Electric Noise-Terapia Tropical


It’s been over 2 years since the Perreo Digital (A Trip into Electro Champeta) EP was released on Latino Resiste Records.

This album represents a lot for the Champeta universe, as it explores a whole different approach to the genre, shifting away from the explosive Perreo Digital EP, to a more mature sound, respecting the early days of Terapia, and applying current EDM dynamics to reflect and actually fit any global bass/world music party or dj set, or just an amazing trip in your stereo or mp3 player.

Electro Champeta pioneer Kinky Electric Noise was working on his highly anticipated new album Terapia Tropical, which is a strong comeback to the roots of Terapia Criolla.

Grab the whole thing for free in two formats WAV

320’s Right Here

Since then Champeta’s international appeal and notoriety has continued to grow, resulting in a proliferation of compilations, remixes and mixtapes to meet the public’s increasing curiosity and demand.

Continuing the tradition of its predecessor, we recreated and remixed five songs from Champeta’s past, present and “future.”

This time around we decided to incorporate live instruments in the mix, courtesy of Matt Mansfield of Piper Street Sound, in order to add more authenticity and originality to the grooves.

The results transverse the musical spectrum, beginning with the quintessential and later swerving into the unconventional, while still maintaining Champeta as a fundamental influence.

Second track is a BOMB

If you know Terapia Criolla/Champeta, then the name MR BLACK is a usual reference
KEN takes him to the digital era respecting the sound!

A 100% Original Electro Champeta in were we use Papo Man’s Camino a la delincuencia we can find that dope organic beats meet social champeta

Final track

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