Stromae – Papaoutai

Cover Stromae Papaoutai


Papaoutai? Daddy, where are you/ where have you been?

Papaoutai is the second track on Stromae’s latest album “Racine carrée”. It talks about children who are missing father figures in their lives. A topic that many people can relate to. But this song has more than only a profound message. ‘Papaoutai’ combines a very european sound with a very african sound in a way that hardly any artist ever did before.

And lets also look at the cover image: The fashion might look like typical european retro style but it could also remind us on african fabrics.

The video of ‘Papaoutai’ is a socio-critical piece of art.


But also his ‘Papaoutai’ Live Performance is very appealing.

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The Album Racine carrée :

01. Ta Fête
02. Papaoutai
03. Bâtard
04. Ave Cesaria
05. Tous Les Mêmes
06. Formidable
07. Moules Frites
08. Carmen
09. Humain À L’eau
10. Quand C’est ?
11. Sommeil
12. Merci
13. Avf


Download it here.