Pap con Yuca -Official Video


Ignored by English-language media, rural uprisings spread across the whole country as hundreds of thousands protest US-backed Colombian govt.

Artists have also started gathering in a whole new movement to support the situation. #yoquieropapaconyuca.

Whether visual artists, well known musicians, bloggers, independent radio and so on.. all of them started creating and brainstorming a positive idea without any political party or any real hidden agenda more than creating a whole new space for pushing awareness about the delicate situation the agriculture system and specially the campesinos are going through due to the fast implementation of TLC with U.S.A.

Yo quiero Papa con Yuca is a solid, and perhaps the only project in where more than 50 artists and musicians have gathered to record a song without any interest more than sharing support to the Colombian “Campesinos” and their struggles.

This has been one thing that connects every single Colombian, to defend the only thing we unanimously feel proud of..

The beauty and richness of our soil and its products.

I was lucky enough to be part of the inception of the whole project and unfortunately not being physically in Bogota made impossible for me to collaborate with the actual track.

The good side is I was able to do an official Papa con Yuca Remix

This one adds to the track Master Pernett did as well