Happy Colors’ El Diablo remix Contest Winners

El diablo contest

After more than 30 submissions, and a whole week of selection, Tropical bass is finally pleased to unveil the 8 winners of Happy Colors’ El DIABLO remix contest.


The final EP has a bit for every taste, from the winning track that blends Dancehall and Moombahton

Second spot went for Nerdluck, a really young producer who made a twerkish approach at first, but THEN!!! he made a flip sooo great that earned him the second place!!

3rd place is made by 3 LEGENDS taking 3Ball to the next step, So it is no wonder when having Alan Rosales, Dj Mouse X Ghetto Kids doing a Happy Colors track the result is a BANGER

4th Place was put in our radar by the Moombahton.net guys!! Blingyeras taking the Moombah lead!

5th Spot is an actual cumbia bass- barefoot remix that gives the perfect shift for the second half of the EP
Mexican cumbia badman, Pa Kongal rarely disappoints, so when he submitted, we knew it was a strong one, which made it to the final cut!

Zouk Bass are present obviously..not once but TWICE!! first is Lisbon’ Mala Noche with a zouk-twerkish approach that once gets to the drop.. ladies’ butts are going to melt!

Seventh.. goes for the impressive and well known in the Kizomba scene KJs whose zouk bass goes more to the Tarraxo approach in an almost 7 minute tune that is totally worth having a listen, but if you are a dj.. THIS IS YOUR TUNE for either start or end a zouk bass set!!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST!!! Honorable Mention that we did not insert in the 320’s because it is in full HD & Copyrighted.. This one was perhaps our finest discovery of them all!!!
Made by 13 years old Emilio Vasquez from San Diego, California.. who we expect to hear much more in the future!

So there you have it!! Moombah, twerk, Zouk bass, Cumbia-Bass, trap, and much more heavy bangers that will work each one on your sets or simple to enjoy them on your device, and unlike some of the EPs out there, in many ways, you may have the feeling it is a whole album instead of a remix EP!


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