Umoya – Vuelo Nocturno EP

um3Seems like the Netherlands are a new colony of Colombia. After Cafe de Calaveras, El Buho, Sonidos del Principe, Solo Moderna (and more) here comes the Project Umoya from Amsterdam cooking up some heat and coming out with a cool relaxed Cumbia EP.
Umoja, the quintessential sunshine duo from wet fields of the Netherlands, returns with a deep, dark and dubby rendition. As a follow up to the 70’s west African Funk and Afrobeat influenced Je-Ka-Lo!, Vuelo Nocturno sets out to be a reassuring statement of the duo’s production wizardry. With this record, the duo have managed to synthesis Cumbia and Afrocentric music traditions into a cohesive body of work.

You could purchase the Album via Bandcamp


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