Equiknoxx Music introduces Masicka to King Tubby (Free EP)

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In my opinion, Masicka is by far the most talented and versatile upcoming jamaican vocalist, right now. This youth has a very remarkable flow and ultra sharp lyrics! You can describe his style as a mixture of dancehall and rap, best, but he’s also a good singer able to record nice roots reggae songs. The best proof for this is his catchy reggae tune Why Me A Work, which is questioning the meaning of life in a very comprehensible way! Also his official anthem for the 2012 jamaican Olympic team, a remix of his tune “Guh Haad And Done”, didn’t brought him the big success he deserves, yet.

Now, one year later he has released a very interesting project together with Equiknoxx Music, which finally could steer all eyes on him. On this 7-track strong EP, Masicka jumps on some of the unforgotten riddims by dub legend King Tubby. The result is a fantastic hybrid of classic jamaican music by King Tubby and Masicka’s new school vibes, which obtained the status of an insider tip amongst soundmen, quick.

Masicka represents for TropicalBass.com:


Download the entire EP here and listen parts of it below:

Equiknoxx Music introduces Masicka to King Tubby EP (mediafire)

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