Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 36 – Another Mixtape

Here comes Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up No 36. 36 – 36 – 36 – This means, that I run this for 3 years now. A long time full of vibes, suprises, new friends and cool music. Gracias a la querida CUMBIA !! But lets stop talking and run some music selectah !! I selected 14 Cumbia Inspirated Tunes, so wine your booty for the next 30 Minutes.

[audio: |titles= Monthly Cumbia RoundUp #36 |artists=Andrés Digital]
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G-Flux1 – Meneito – G-Flux feat. Afrodita & Jose Luis Carballo
Starting with Gustavo Naranjos Project G-Flux, part of the legendary Mexican Super Cumbia Futurista Colective. He is now located in Washington and has a real cool Album out wich you could purchase via I-Tunes.

2 – Tengo el Don de la Liga – Alika & Nueva Alianza
Desde Buenos Aires comes Reggae Queen Alika and her Band, always good for a big Tune.

3 – Mi Voz – G-Flux feat. Boogat
Back to G-Flux, this time in Combination with Torontos finest Latino MC Boogat, who just had tryed to trimming his beard, but completely ruinned it!! So he shaved everything and just kept the mustache.

boogat4 – Pulp Friction 2
This is a robery….and it goes out to all the Producers. Here you could see what will go on, if you dont mark your mp3s correct. I really dont have no idea where I found this and who was the producer of this cool remix because with the soundfile are coming no informations. So thanx to the anonymus hero and always remember to tag your stuff. Its so easy to give them a Cover and some words. Youre spreading so much love to your music, just complete it !!

5 – Cerveja (Andrés Digital Remix) – JStjr
As Im always searchin the perfect crossover I loved the original mix of Jstjr Zouk Banger and as I had the idea earlyer to combine Cumbia and Zouk I realised this here. Fat Bass, Guiros and a cool Cerveza. Salut Familia !!

lata6 – Mao! – Lata
From Santiago de Chile comes Lata and he has a beautifull Album out via Caballito. LATA´s sound can be described as experimental electronics, heavily influenced by dub, dancehall and latin music, filtered through global technological abstraction and southamerican flavour. The Album is freeload, grab it !!

7 – Reza Por Mi Atropolis ft. Lido Pimienta
Starting to talk about the NY Cumba Mela Colective where one producer is bigger then the other, always great stuff dubbing out of the speakers and this Tune is my fav from the forthcoming Atropolis Album ft. darling Lido Pimenta. Straight Good Vibes !!

philtey dronez8 – Suenos Fantasmas Caracol Dos – Philthy Dronez
Yes, by writing this I realize that we have to go back to the Pulp Friction Remix…so here comes again Mr. Philtey Dronez from San Jose this time giving a new Sound to a Cumbia Classic original played by the Sonora Dinamita.

9 – La Guarapera (Navo & Gracie Chavez Refix) – Tulio E. Leon
Houston we got a probem (not). Gracie Chavez is the perfect act with a pedigree heavy enough to handle any party, high- or low-brow. This mami is part of the DIRB! (Doin It Real Big) DJ crew in Texas and co-founded Bombón, one of Houston’s hottest tropical dance parties. La Guarapera is a vendor who makes guarapo, a common Latin American iced drink made by using an old hand press to extract cane sugar

thornato10 – Gaita Gaita – Thornato
More from NY, more from Cumba Mela, this time from my fav Producer Thornato whos remixes are always burner. Aqui sueña la Gaita. A bailar !!

11 – Wesawww – Dany F
Daniel Florez from Medellin Colombia is the Master of Deep Cumbia bringing together House and Cumbia. He has a new EP out wich makes you move and relax at the same time. Infinite/Finite is a freeload. Catch it !!

12 – Tiene Sabor, Tiene Sazón (disqueDJ Remix) – Onda Trópica
Tropic-All Mastermind Disque DJ from Mexico DF is remixing the Colombian Buena Vista Social Club Ondatropica with lots of Bass. Make shure that you get the original Soundfile and listen to it on the BIG Speakers.

atropolis13 – Pomporaso – Atropolis ft. Boogat
Back to Adam Partridges Atropolis, back to Boogat, another Banger !! Watch out for this Album, remember the name…it is TRANSITIONS and will be available at the end of August.

14 – Show Love To The Bass – Elegante & La Imperial
Closing with a real Techno Cumbia by Elegante & La Imperial aka. Daniel Martinetti from Lima Peru. This was original Released via Generation Bass and you could download the whole EP here.

OK, Friends, Familia…this was Cumbia Round Up No 36…enjoy your day and stand free !! Abrazo Andrés Digital

PS: Some Dates for my lil Autumn Tour are booked, but there are still some free slots, so if you want a cool Cumbia + Bass set in your Club, dont be shy to contact me…lets talk, everything is posible (between Oct and Dez)…as referenz I have more then 40 Mixtapes (some of them are shure the most downloaded ones of the genre) and 4 Eps (No 5 sooncome and No 6 in planing) – andresdigital(A)tropicalbass(dot)com