Lily Unsub- Through the Looking Glass

TB adds themselves to the wicked campaign to help dubstep icon Alexis K/UNSUB to fund a North American tour for her new album where she can finally share her story of being a successful trans artist against all odds and discrimination!

Check her inspiring FUNDRAISER CAMPAIGN

In defiance of those who don’t want her to succeed purely on the basis of the differences she represents.

She is going to show people that we don’t have to hide who we are just because we are different.
I personally have posted her music a vast number of times thru the years, and also collaborated with her.
So I was/am very happy to see that she has decided to keep moving forward.
Not many people will have the courage to open so publicly, specially in a ‘male-driven’ scene like the dubstep, drum & bass scene.

Because of this, Lily was harassed, stopped from playing, dropped from labels and even blacklisted from blogs and events.

We must change the present, in order to rearrange the future.

“Freedom is what you do with what’s been done to you.”
Jean-Paul Sartre