Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 33

Ok here it comes again – Andrés Digital Original Cumbia Round Up on and it seems to get normal that I run dobble Round Ups here, again you get 10 Cumbias in a tight mix. My newest ting you’ll find here – Panama Cumbia Lounge -Check “Yomira in Portobello” mixed for the Beat Making Lab.

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Sonido SatanasCumbia No 1 – El Paso del Tamal – Sonido Satanas
This time we are starting with some Tamales Satanicos desde Guadalajara, Mexico. This Cumbia is from the EP “Barrio de mis Amores” wich you could download for free here.


Cumbia No 2 – Pendejita – Candelaria
Candelaria from Oakland, US seeks to combine long lost cousins cumbia and dub reggae. By combining the sounds of the old afro Colombian traditions with the dub mixing techniques of the Jamaican masters from the 60’s and 70’s, Candelaria has created something that is both new and familiar as the same time.


Cumbia No 3 – Cumbia de la Salvia (Hypnotize) – Dj Insane B
Dj Insane B comes from Iquiqueño en Valparaiso, Chile and here are ending my informations. Download his EP “Latin Bombs” here


Cumbia No 4 – Los Mirlos – Chinito en Onda (Dengue Dengue Dengue! Remix)
Dengue Dengue Dengue! is a duo audiovisual from Lima, Perú. Felipe Salmon and Rafael Pereiras Sound is a mixtur of different elements like Cumbia, Dancehall and Techno with deep Bass and a bit of Dubstep and Drum&Bass. Here they are remixing a classic Chicha Tune from Los Mirlos, wich is a cool example for using Melodies “oriental psicodélico” from Cumbias out of the 70’s. The two “Masqueraders” will release a new Album via Berlins Chusma Records soon.

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Cumbia No 5 – Moombahlanga – Los Reyes De La Milanga
From Cordoba, Argentina comes Ramiro Aquiles & Los Reyes De La Milanga. This Remix is Part of the EP “Musica para el colectivo” wich he made for the beautifull Cassette Blog. You could download this here


Cumbia No 6 – La Cumbia Piraña – Dany F
Deep House + Cumbia = Deep Cumbia. Daniel Florez comes from Medellin, Colombia and is master of this marvelous “genre” combining House Beats, Rhodes Sounds, Cumbia Percussion and straight good Vibes.


ovni guarajeCumbia No 7 – Caminito de Belen – Ovni Guaraje
Ovni Guarajé from Madrid, Spain is no ordinary electronic tropical music group. It´s a mission. A spaceship which makes the feet move fusing rhythms and cultures, savouring Cumbia, connecting with the Sun and the stars. Ovni Guarajé is the ritual of definitive reconciliation in which poetry, music, tradition and modernity dance together with the same steps towards happiness. To the rhythm of cumbia, tropical beats, reggae and other mixes, “Ovni Guarajé” calls us to dance and enjoy, mixing the most popular and refreshing Afrolatin settings in an energetic and vibrant ritual. Their first disc, “Don de Maya”, rises up like a corkscrew that uncovers the intergalactic pipework connecting the Afrolatin and electronic waves for the rest of the world.


Cumbia No 8 – Rude Boy Rock – Lionrock (Kinky Electric Noise Remix)
People wake up and feel the new Skank remixed by Miamis Kinky Electric Noise. Easy Skanking Big Beats cumbianized to make you gettin wild in the Dancehall – Skuuumbia !!


Cumbia No 9 – La Campana – Vetiver Bong vs Dj Dero
Vetiver Bong get inspired by Mexico City to create this kind of soundtrack of his life. But his escapes to the beach during Eastern inspired them too, as well as any starred table dance establishments, and the night, the bars, its decadence and double senses. The streets, the country bars, ‘ficheras’ films, marketplaces, bongs, ‘Que transa con las bandas’ book, magazines, amongst many others inspire them too. There’s an unofficial story that says Joaquin had to rob stone sacks to buy Vetiver Bong’s mask and his white shirts… but that will never be known for sure.


meloCumbia No 10 – Tambo Tambo (Boombahchero Edit) – DJ Melo
OK, last Tune, not really Cumbia, but very related, comes from Arizona US. Jorge Melo aka DJ Melo is a key member of the Arizonaton Dj / Producer crew, he has been on the fore front of the Moombahton scene since its birth nearly four years ago. This is labled as Boombachero wich allways fits good into a hot Cumbia Bass Set. Enjoy !!


See you soon – hasta pronto
Andrés Digital