Beat Making Lab- Prison Beat

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Get to know one of the most exciting releases from Panamanian VS Global Bass beats. This project will be unveiled next week.

Join Professor Pierce Freelon and producer Apple Juice Kid on a Field Trip to the rain-forests of Panama. They make a beat at a prison called Centro de Rehabilitacion El Renacer; with Professor Angel Sound – an incarcerated DJ who was blackmailed into muling cocaine for the Nigerian mafia – and his fellow inmate, who has an appetite for macarroni and cheese.

The “Prison Beat,” produced by Angel Sound and Apple Juice Kid at a studio called RAM, or Rehabilitacion a Traves de la Musica (rehabilitation through music), was created by found sounds around the studio/prison cell, which included audio samples of a leaky faucet, clicking handcuffs, guitar paying, and vocals. The collaboration is part of an ongoing Beat Making Lab experiment called “Field Trip,” where Freelon and Apple Juice Kid take their Beat Making Lab (mobile-studio) from the community centers where they are housed, to make beats in unlikely places. An upcoming Senegal Field Trip takes place at a health care facility.

Now if you want to know more about proffesor’s case

Now about the music!! The first leak off No Puede Conmigo is called Diablos. Diablos was created in a Beat Making Lab at La Escuelita del Ritmo and inspired by festival de los Diablos y Congos
This is the video!!

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