Remix Dengue Dengue Dengue´s new single Simiolo (Contest)

La Chusma Remix Competition

Berlin-based record label LaChusma started a remix competition today. Winner will be released at the new Dengue Dengue Dengue single “Simiolo”beginning of June 2013.
The best runner ups will be mastered.

Deadline: 15th of May (winner will be annouched the 1st of June)
Upload the finished remix and send us a download link to

Release on Chusma Records for the remixes is early June.

Download Stems

Dengue Dengue Dengue! is an audiovisual duo born in mid-2010 in Lima, Peru and is conformed by Felipe Salmon and Rafael Pereira, who were already working together on other projects, both as part of the Peruvian based ‘Colectivo Auxiliar’. The name Dengue Dengue Dengue! comes from a Enrique Lynch’s vinyl, who played a rhythm called “Dengue”.

Debut album “La Alianza Profana” will be released in Europe 21th of June 2013 on Chusma Records

Full info on LaChusma

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  1. Nice Song! I’m remixing it right now! BUT: I thought that the scale was a c# major… but now I hear that the “sinthy” Stem is NOT in that scale… Can you tell me what the original scale was?

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