Mad Decent’s Cadenza & Nasher – Gyal Town

Posted On By Caballo


Mad Decent’s Jeffrees strike again with this heavy tune full of UK Nu-D&B

“Gyal Town” is a special collab for the latest Jeffree from Londoners, Cadenza, and Nasher. Cadenza has a long history with bass music, so it’s no surprise to see such a sophisticated style of blended sounds and rhythms from him. Nasher, a natural performer who placed 2nd in a UK DJ competition at the age of only 14 and, since the age of 17, is now playing on KISS100, energizes “Gyal Town” through raw talent. From the future-juke toms that start off the track to the chopped “Amen Break” and eerie vocals, “Gyal Town” is a colorful collage of sounds that will murder forward-thinking dance floors around planet Earth.