Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 32

Welcome, Bienvenidos. This is Andrés Digitals original Cumbia Round Up. And I did it again – another dobble Round – this is dedicated to all the people who still requesting another Round of “La Cumbia – Desde Colombia hasta el Mundo”. To much Cumbias of Class to choose only 5. And as I do not only repost Soundcloud Links you get it in a tight mix…also check out the older Round Ups – all 31 of them are online and some of dem gettin massive plays. You will find so much pearls. Thank you dear listeners, gracias a la Cumbia !!

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bigoteCumbia No 1 Grupo la Droga – El Ventarron (Bigote Remix)
Bigote is the man who just killed the Dengue Dengue Dengue Guys, you may have seen this shocking pictures in the Internet. The Man from Granadas Caballito Crew is coming around a lot and is remixing Grupo de las Droga Psychedelic Chicha Tune with love.

Cumbia No 2 Makina Kandela – Tócate Esta
This lovely Group comes from Santiago de Chile. The 9 Musicans from Chile and Colombia unites the love for traditional and contemporary Sound from the Colombian Carribbean Coast. So you get Cumbia, Bullerenge, Gaita, Merengue, Porro and many more. Toda/os esperamos el viernes !!


cantecaCumbia No 3 Canteca de Macao – Nunca es Tarde
This group is now 10 years old and what started as kids in Madrid, Spain now is a big success with more then 90 Concerts played in 2012. The 6 Musican Band has 5 Albums out wich you could download via their Homepage. The Tune “Nunca es tarde” I found on the beautifull Rebel Sounds Compilation wich you could download here.


Cumbia No 4 Super Spanish Combo – Crudo
The Super Spanish Combo comes from Barcelona (Spain/Catalunya). And as Barna allways had a very own Latino Sound they mixup Cumbia, Calypso, Salsa, Son…with hip hop and funk in a very special way. (Did I say this before ??) You have to give a listen to their brandnew Album “Llego el Combo” wich you could Download for free via their Bandcamp. For the Vinyl Lovers also is something available, but you have to be fast, because of it’s a limited Edition !!


3ballmtyCumbia No 5 Manos Arriba Cumbia Interlude (Sheeqo Beat vs DJ Sugu)
Sergio Zaval aka. Sheeqo Beat is part of Monterreys 3ballMTY Colective. And could you imagine that this young guys now have a “Disco De Oro” for their Smashhit Intentalo. Big Up Tribaleros and if we are here at the mighty Cumbia Round Up I don’t play 3ball, here we have a lil Cumbia Edit.


Cumbia No 6 Relo Feat. Hanna – Final Feliz
Relo is DJ and Producer and has a cool Album out together with Hanna Shinohara. Both from Buenos Aires/Argentina combining Space Cumbia Sounds and deep Bass. “Final Feliz” comes with 2 Vocal Mixes and 2 Dub Versions and is a freeload via Sub Klub. Check them out, they have more cool stuff.

Relo SoundcloudFacebook
Hanna SoundcloudFacebook

caballoCumbia No 7 Bring the beat Back (Caballo Cumbia Grit Edit)
OK, what should I say bout my dear compañero Alberto Caballero aka. Caballo, Colombiano from Toronto/Canada. Mastermind of Latino Resiste and Rebel Rec., Blogger for and many more relevant Bass Blogs, Musican, Singer and Creator of new Genres. So you shure noticed the Molly Grit EP wich you could Download here for free. Molly Grit is a music tag that grabs the molecular base of trap, moombahton, juke, dubstep and tropical bass sounds. In this Remix here he combines this con the loved Cumbia. Fresh !!

Soundcloud FacebookLatino Resiste

Cumbia No 8 DJ Shotnez (feat. Bomba Estereo) – Nighttime (Superpendejos Remix)
Next one is real Worldmusic…Ori Kaplan aka. DJ Shotnez is Part of the Balkan Beat Box, ex Member of Gogol Bordello, Residente in NY and Traveler. Bomba Estero and Li Saumet is one of Colombias finest and Al Lindrum & David Miret are Superpendejos from Barcelona (again the Town of Angels) and are the Remixers of this Boom Tune. Vente pa aqui !!

Shotnez SoundcloudFacebook
Bomba Estereo Home
Superpendejos Soundcloud Facebook

yelramCumbia No 9 La Maquinita (Yelram Selectah)
Antonio Apodaca aka Yelram Selectah comes from Tijuana, Mexico. He has some hot stuff for give away check his EPs – Muertos en Vida (EP) , My Bass (EP Remixes) and Ritmo & Sabor (EP)


Cumbia No 10 Shacalao (El Timbe Tropical RMX)
Ok, last one, Barcelona again…not really Cumbia but for me it fits perfect into this RoundUp Mix. Ricardo Muñoz aka. El Timbe is freestyler because of this his music is called Timberismo and this is good !! He is part of the Folcore Crew and you also have to check out all his beautifull mixes


Amigo/as Un Abrazo
Andrés Digital

PS If there are any Questions contact andresdigital(a)tropicalbass(dot)com. Also I will be available for some Bookings from October till December. So if your intersted in a Cumbia Bass Set (including 3ball, Moombah and other Stuff)…lets talk.