Checkpoint Guanabana – Maria Majao


Now, for many of you who are into the tropical riddims and genres Colombian EDM is nothing new; this week our good friend Isabela from MTV Iggy posted few colombian bands that are in the rising, and it made me realize nowadays we rarely post the guys who keep pushing the genre to the next level, and most important, keeping the organic approach to the cumbia fusion.

Time permitting I will do a whole post with bands like Puerto Candelaria, los piranhas, panela sound, la chiva gantiva, ovni guaraje and our next guest: Checkpoint Guanabana,these guys (all bands) are with no doubt some of the freshest and more pleasant musical project from or inspired by Colombian folklore.

Berlin based CHECKPOINT GUANABANA is pleased to present “Maria Majao”, the new single and second video of the Colombian Afro-funky with some global bass vibe.

Directed by Manuel Becerra (Colombian), Maria Majao represents Mother Earth singing and calling to us for awareness, respect for natural resources and inviting us to wake up to our world full of lies and double standards to which we have so become accustomed. She invites us to resynchronize with the natural rhythm of the earth: With the rhythm of Maria Majao.

Checkpoint Guanabana gives human life to the Mother Earth in this video and invites her to Berlin for a weekend… she goes partying, returning on Monday morning to vent her anger on us to the rhythm of Merengue.

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