Banda Westfalica – Versions


Most of the songs we’re talking about on are digitally produced. Some find their way to the clubs when DJs pick them up, some get performed by the artist or bands. But this project here is a novelity to us: Banda Westfalica. Banda Westfalica is a school music project in Bünde somewhere in Nothern Germany.

The school kids, which are round 16 years old, are fully dedicated to their percussions: Marimba, Cajun, Bongo, Vibraphone. And they also love Man Recording‘s releases. When Daniel Haagsman heard of these guys and saw them on youtube, he jumped in the car to record the next Man Recordings release: Man Recordings covers Man Recordings. Well, I wish we had that in class instead of messing with Orff stuff.

Curious how it sounds when some youths beat the shit out of Schlachthofbronx’ Carimba? Give it a listen and grab the free download:

See this great and hilarious making-of documentation of an unusual project:

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Man Recordings website