Top 5 stories in February (Recap)

Let Loose !! Soca Monarch 2013

February is the month of the Carnivals. In case you where lost in the fetes and the events on the road, no problem: We put our Top 5 most read articles on of February 2013 together for you.

Not only parts of the gang loves Caribbean music like Dancehall and Soca a lot, also our readers seem to appreciate news and updates about that topic. The Soca Monarch report by Andrés has not only been the most read article last month, it also already entered our All-time Top10!
Major Lazer and Leub’s monthly Dancehall Roundup (the Januar edition of it was the most popular article that month) did also interest many readers.

1. Get Loose – Soca Monarch 2013 Results / Mix
2. Major Lazer – Lazer strikes back Vol. 1
3. Dancehall Reggae Roundup #2
4. Fokn’Bois – Strong homosexual boys
5. Tropikore ft. Gran Desha – Negra Petra (Free EP)

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