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The last two shows of Riddims Tropicale, presented by & Faluma, have been dedicated to Carnival music. While the February issue is jumping into Bouyon from Dominica, the March issue has some nice music from Guadeloupe and Martinique for you: Zouk, Cadence, Bèlè & Gwoka, Soca and more. If you read our article “Bag of Carnival songs not from Trinidad” you already know what to expect.

Living in Berlin, Europe, February is usually the perfect time to migrate to the Caribbean for a few weeks. First to flee the cold and the darkness (Berlin has an average 2-3 hours of Sun per day in Febr), and second and foremost to join the Carnival.

This year I decided to leave the super-commercial Carnival in Trinidad behind and go to Guadeloupe and Dominica. Both islands carry many of my favorite artists of the past decade, so it’s more the question of what took so long.
Anyway, have fun with two not-so-bassy editions of Riddims Tropicale!

Riddims Tropicale #29 (February) – Bouyon Edition

Listen to RT#29 – Bouyon from Dominica.
WCK, Triple Kay Band, Fanatik, Asa Banton, Suppa, .. Mixed with jetlag so please excuse some wild mixing here and there.. :P

[audio:|titles=Riddims Tropicale #29 – Bouyon Edition|artists=Marflix]

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Riddims Tropicale #30 (March) – Guadeloupe & Martinique Edition

Listen to RT#30 – Guadeloupe / Martinique
Kassav, Bwa Bande, Admiral T, Francky Vincent, Ban’Biyo, Freem and more..

[audio:|titles=Riddims Tropicale #30 – Guadeloupe / Martinique Edition|artists=Marflix]

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or as always as iTunes podcast.

Enjoying Carnival music? Have you already attend a Carnival in the Caribbean? Let me know in the comments or on my Facebook.

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