Chinches unveil their album “Fongo”

British cumbia makers Los Chinches may sound to you like a peruvian old band.
But they are actually dropping a 2013 album called FONGO coming out in April

Los Chinches – the band that began as a sweet dream in a jungle hut – will release their long-awaited debut album Fongo on April first (Movimientos Records). Drawing upon the retro style of Chicha from 1960s Peru, Los Chinches’ epic new sound harnesses the psychedelic twists of Peruvian Cumbia as well as the Punk and Ska spirit of London. This, along with their rocking tropical energy, makes for blistering live performances interlaced with feverishly addictive melodies. Their sound stays faithful to the original bands from the era, such as Juaneco y Su Combo and Los Mirlos, whilst taking influences from 60s garage rock and surf guitar and bringing it bang up-to-date with a distinctly London attitude.

Los Chinches’ line-up reflects the melting pot of the city from which they emerge, and with Peruvian food and culture currently booming in the capital, now is the time for London’s very own Chicha band. Consisting of four Europeans (three from England, one from France) and four Latin American percussionists (three Peruvians and a Colombian), they offer up a unique blend of Chicha with hot Peruvian rhythms going head to head with the amped-up melodies of the London-born keyboard and guitar players.