Beat Making Lab – Amani Goma


TB, Latino resiste, and Mad Decent are very happy to “collaborate” & support PBS digital, and few more partners in something that is changing in a positive way, not only the lives of Congolese youth but also expanding the experience of creating music all over the planet.

You may have been hearing a lot of African inspired tracks lately, and this comes in perfect timing as many ears are now receptive to these particular NEW BEATS!!

Beat Making Lab is an electronic music studio small enough to fit in a backpack. These guys build Labs in collaboration with communities all around the world; donating laptops, microphones and software. To know about anything related to software, do visit us.
The whole goal is to create positive social impact by giving youth the tools and training to make beats and songs.

“Young people had songs, but didn’t know where to go for producing them. As most of them are students, they don’t have money for getting into professional studios abroad. With the Beat Making Lab, they can now produce their own songs and educate the community. These days, young people… are recording songs on war and insecurity.
It’s their way of fighting for peace, rather than going in bush with armed groups. While producing with the Beat Making Lab, they don’t fear politicians to interfere in their struggle. This program has really helped young people in Goma.”

And these guys do have an eye on what is going on in all the rest of the planet. Proof of that is this Afro-Moombahton. Feeling the “zoukbass” vibes? well then this is just for you!

The album also drops a nice DUB remix made by the 13th tribe ( Ninja tunes)

and this Afro-insane tune..

What’s in the backpack?

So guys if you made it to this part of the post, it means you actually seem interested in this ARTVISM, so if you want to know more about them
just click here!!