Mad Decent’s Jeffree unveils Lady Bee

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Well, if you remember we did an interview with Paul Devro few months ago, and in the interview we stated that the jeffrees were ahead of the game, and obviously none of us would even consider anything as viral as Harlem Shake when we said The jeffrees were changing the whole game.

In that sense, we continue supporting this wicked label that unveils more and more wicked people every two weeks!!

This time is an amazing 3 track EP!!

The best part is that they set it up for FREE.. Right here

FULL EP Lady Bee – Sweet Like Chocolate feat. Grace Regine

Official info:
Lady Bee has the beats…kicking off 2013 in true style with her two debut produced tracks “Sweet Like Chocolate” and “Murda Dem” for Jeffree’s. ”Sweet Like Chocolate” is Lady Bee’s cover of Shanks and Bigfoot’s classic UKGarage/2Step anthem, with bouncing beats and an infectious synth riff interspersed by a nagging telephone ring tone this banger has already seen support from Alvaro, Partysquad and Vato Gonzalez. Taking a sharp turn from the bouncy “Sweet Like Chocolate” Lady Bee showcases her broad adoration for different music styles with the self produced hard hitting Moombahton track “Murda Dem”. Using wiggling beats, dark bass and accentuating ragga vocal chants, Lady Bee creates a bottom shaker, straight for the peak time DJ-sets.

Rounding out the package fellow DJ’s Skitzofrenix and Efferson take all the elements of “Sweet Like Chocolate” and flip into crazy westcoast influence trap cut, perfect for anyone with “turnt up” and “ratchet” in their vernacular. Three huge songs with something for everybody.