Sibot – Magnet Jam

Mad Decent’s Jeffree unveils their first 2013 EP. Incredible approach to EDM by South African SIBOT (Die Antwoord, Spoek Mathambo) for FREE

Africa is a hub for some of the most out there Hip-Hop and Sibot has been a huge staple in the scene. From doing projects from Ninja (Die Antwoord) to Spoek mathambo and others to winning the SA DJ Battle Championship in 2002, he’s done it all. He now see’s his first Jeffree release packed with weird but catchy futuristic beats from a maniacal beathead genius. The title track “Magnet Jam” and “No Question” sound like Q-bert’s “Wave Twisters” for the next generation, weird spacey reverse suction cup beats for droids and punk rock robots. The final track is a lost tune from an unheard Cantina band from Star Wars, its like future funk for midget aliens that dance on the bar tops for bit coins. This said Sibot has clearly lost his mind, these are sounds are sounds you’ve never heard before that make you dance in unthought of ways.