Exclusive: King Chango vs Dubmatix – One of a Kind


Zuzuku aka Blanquito Man and Candice Cannabis are the vocal part of one of the most important Latin bands ever made: King Chango

We managed to get EXCLUSIVE awesome dub tunes, which seem to have the approval from Blanquito Man himself!
Both jams are so Jamaican perfect that at some point you don’t even remember this is a Venezuelan king jammed with a Canadian Tune master and a NY goddess!

[audio:http://www.tropicalbass.info/tunes/King-Chango-Spiritual-Thing-Rockingtime.mp3|titles=Spiritual Things / Rockingtime|artists=King Chango]

Download “Spiritual Things” (right-click)

[audio:http://www.tropicalbass.info/tunes/King-Chango-OneOfAKind_Dubmatix-vs-Zuzuku-Mashup.mp3|titles=One Of A Kind|artists=King Chango]

Download “One Of A Kind Dubmatix vs Zuzuku Mashup” (right-click)