Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 29

Hola cameradas, this is the first Cumbia Round up on for 2013. The year seems to be old now after 2 weeks and no one knows what will come – so as I said before – find Love, find Peace and find Cuuumbia. And as I’m Musican and DJ I don’t kill your nerves with endless speeches, I play some music – this is a tight mix by Andrés Digital – Quality !!

[audio: |titles= Monthly Cumbia RoundUp #29 |artists=Andrés Digital]
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BasicoCumbia No 1 – Basta Ya De Mentiras – Rayo Mix – Colombian Free Mix
Leandro Comán and Beto Ibañez de Buenos Aires, Argentina want to stop the lies and sending out the truth via this wonderfull Cumbia Remix.


Cumbia No 2 – Loca (Basico Cumbia Remix) – Chico Trujillo
OK, this next song is allways kicking me because of it’s so fucking melancholic. Shure you know the original Video by Chico Trujillo and shure you got the Message. Go out an tell the truth to your Love !! Don’t wait, just do it !! Here comes El Basico from Guatemala City, one of the “Miercoles de Cumbia” organizer, giving the Tune a CumbiaBow Touch.


HannaCumbia No 3 – Masacre Cumbiera (Bleepolar remix) – Hanna Shinohara
Hanna Shinohara comes from Buenos Aires, Argentina and is getting remixed by Luis Felipe Hernández from Bogotá, Colombia. The original Version of Masacre Cumbiera is part of her Album made by Brujas DJ and released via Sub Klub Records bringing some light into Dark Cumbia. You could Download this here.
Hanna Shinohara – SoundcloudFacebook
Bleepolar – SoundcloudFacebook

Cumbia No 4 – The Night Goes Cumbia ft. La Saveur – SIGSONBIA

Oscar Raul Villagran Moreno aka. La Saveur born in Durango Mexico and is Electrocumbia Musican,DJ and Producer. He has a EP out on Caballito wich you could download here. He made this Tune together with Kevin Sigler Dorado aka. Sigsonbia also known as Sonidero Sigler.

Oscar La SaveurOscar La Saveur – SoundcloudFacebook
SIGSONBIA – SoundcloudFacebook

Cumbia No 5 – Lo que quiere la nena – El Criollo
Kike Rojas comes from Bogotá, Colombia and is not shy in mixing up the styles. Cumbias and Gaitas meeting Styles like Salsa, Disco and Boogaloo allways in a tight flowing mix.


Unity is necessary – Allways spread a postive vibe. Cumbia !!
Abrazos y hasta luego !!