Henry- Llorona

This is the first Collaboration between Mexican Blog CASSETTE and THE REBEL RECORDS ( which is a Latino Resiste’s sub label) focused on individual artist releases.

So what possible could gather this two guys in a collaboration that has not been already dropped?

Something that music lovers will really appreciate, and basically it is the debut of an artist as well.

Henry is a Mexican neo Folklore producer.
And when he sent his music submission, we were very happy to give a 180 degrees turn to what people expect to be neo-folklore.

This is Cascabel
Cascabel by Henry goesdown

Think the likes of Saint Germain, Gotan Project, Cassius, but in a Mexican way.

La cuesta is a great example of the sounds you’ll find in the EP.
Henry – La Cuesta del SDII by Henry goesdown

The song you are listening is a Mosca Verde remix, of La cuesta.
Henry- La Cuesta ( Mosca Verde re-edit) by latinoresiste

Llorona is a very ecclectic EP, in where texture, deep bass, and lots of minimal beats meets Mexian Neo Folklore.