Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 28

Bienvenidos – Hello – Bonjour this is the last Cumbia Round Up by Andrés Digital before the World will (please choose)
[ ] Gettin destroyd by Aliens
[ ] Implodes, because the Delfins leaving the Planet
[ ] Explodes because of a Nuclear War between Israel and Iran
As I said before I belive that the Maya-Calendar-Writer felt in Love with a beautifull Lady and had to do better things then writing a calendar over 2000 Years. Sooooooo… I wish you a merry X-Mas and hope that you will got a good start to the new Year – Find Love , find Peace, find Cumbia and never stop feting !!

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Cumbia No 1 – Cumbia Denstrada – Javier Estrada & Den5ion
What comes out if two Mexican Cumbia Monsters working together you could hear on this one. This was original released via Cassettes Cumbia Birthday Compilation “Cumbias in Flor” wich you could load here

Javier Estrada FacebookSoundcloud
Den5ion – Facebook

CaptainCumbiaCumbia No 2 – Dangerous Raw Hide – Captain Cumbia
Captain Cumbia comes from Paris, France and is producing Remix after Remix, Party after Party, Cumbia Soundclash (with his Partner in Crime Pedrolito) after Cumbia Soundclash and by the way he’s really a great person and musican. “The Eastern desperado” loves to MashUp Cumbia with Balkan Styles, but on this one you find Busta Rhymes vs. the legendary Rawhide Theme.


Cumbia No 3 – El Pescador – DJ Neber
DJ Neber aka. Javier Martinez Loredo is one of this hyperactive Remixers whos throwing out MashUp after MashUp. He comes from San Luis Potosi, Mexico and is mixing Cumbia Clasics like El Pescador de mi Tierra with HipHop Beats. He has an remarkable Album out titled “Mi Cumbia Sueña HipHop wich you could download via his BandpagePeligroasa


Cumbia No 4 – Cumbia De Las Sirenas (Peligrosa Remix) – Pastor Lopez
The Peligrosa Crew was established in Austin, Texas in December 2007 and is a collective of DJs, producers and visual artists reenergizing the sights and sounds of Latin Americas past, present and future. The Crew is build by Orion, Sonora, El Dusty aka DJ Dus, King Louie, Manolo Black, Pagame, VJ 4th Wall and Comandante Quito. Here they are remixing the Cumbia Tropical Master from Venezuela Pastor “El Indio” Lopez


Cumbia No 5 – Cali Mompox (Don Beto Remix) – Cero 39
Carlos Guillén a.k.a DON BETO comes from Maracaibo, Venezuela and started to make music in 2002. His actual Band is called “La Gallera Social Club” and he is mixing up Latin Folclore with modern Sounds. This Cero 39 Remix is Part of a beautifull Remix Project realised by KONN Records wich you could Download here


Ok, Chicas y Chicos this was Round 28 and (by the way) I have a new 5 Track Cumbia-Bass MashUp EP out. It’s called “Messages from outta Space” and was released by Chiles KONN Recordings. Check out the original Post here. You could load the complete EP here

Messages from outta Space – Andrés Digital from Andrés Digital on Vimeo.

…aaaaaaand you don’t got enough Cumbia yet ???????? Check out this beautifull Mix wich was made by Dany F to celebrate this Christmas.

So you want to chill a lil bit between Xmas and New Year – Try this mix by Compay El Guero Unico

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