Matanza – Dubamerica (FREE album)

Our good friends Matanza from Chile just dropped their new album “Dubamerica” on Levante Records. The fact that it is available for free(!) download will delight you guys, but if you know Matanza you already know that you can expect some great stuff from one of the most exciting bands in the current Tropical Bass scene.


What Matanza does is appropriately coined as “Andean Street House”, and the term describes really good how these guys fuse their deep knowledge of traditional Andean rhythms, sounds and song structures with their expert handling of instruments like Charangos, pre-columbean flutes and a diversity of driving percussion instruments. “Dubamerica” adds, no surprise, a heavy dose of Dub feeling to their typical Tribal Tech House sound, with many tunes building sonic rooms and movements in space in the best sense of the word.

What it is so utterly fascinating about Matanza is that their music is not a bit constrained just to lovers of the “Tropical” state of mind: you can perfectly imagine their hypnotic and richly textured sounds at one of those typical Berlin open-air raves where Minimal is still the reigning force of the night (and the day, and the next night…).

The new album is not only a beautiful modernization of folkloristic South-American sounds, driving, sometimes haunting, moving, even trembling (the first single will be “Tiembla”, a political song about the current state of things in South America, full of evocative sweet chants), it is also an absolutely contemporary and global take on House music.

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MATANZA Tour Teaser 2012 from LEVANTE on Vimeo.