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After the huge sucess brought by Rita Indiana, Dominican Republic hadn’t seen any major groundbreaking act in the Mambo scene except few random tracks!

After 8 months in the production process and conscious research about Dominican roots, Producer, Philip Romero, has achieved one of the finest mambo-bass albums in recent history.

Freaky Phillip – Raices by latinoresiste

Borrowing and inspired by sounds from Compay Segundo or Skrillex with no remorse, the EP blends roots sounds with high, fast and vicious breaks.
Freaky Philip – La mamadera (Original mix) by FrEaKy PhiLiP

The 5 track album is set for FREE DOWNLOAD…via Latino Resiste sub label THE REBEL RECORDS!!

We encourage people to share this masterpiece that really breaks the mambo scene, coming from a Dominican born, raised and living in Santo Domingo who is doing real Mambo blended with other influences.
Freaky Philip Vs Compay Segundo – Sarandonga (Teaser) by dosmundosradio

Philip Romero (Freaky Philip), was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, in “la Mina”. This guy has achieved some recognition in the island, but his sounds somehow are still struggling to make a bigger impact in the island rich musical history.

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Orgullo Latino, Orgullo Dominicano!!

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