Don Goliath – Skastep to the world & The Dubstep Mixes

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Don Golitah from Berlin based label, clothing brand and dubplate voicings service “Dubstep Division” is the inventor of a new dubstep-subgenre called “Skastep”. According to Golitah, Skastep is a hybrid of Dubstep, Electro, Dancehall, and of course Ska (each tune is based on a catchy Skaish brass lick). To get his new subgenre out to the world, he has recorded a full-length album with some of the most important jamaican Dancehall Artists. Every tune is a original one, written for Don Goliath, exclusively. The “Skastep to the World Album” was released in March this year, already. This month, a (classic) Dubstep Remix Album was released, as well. Producers from all over the world followed his request to give these tunes the Dubstep Remix Treatment. This is a recommendation to everyone who’s looking for a fresh new sound: You can download two mixtapes with all tunes here:

Skastep to The World – Mixtape (direct download)

Skastep To The World – The Dubstep Mixes – Mixtape (direct download)

watch out for his second album “Skastep Runs The World”, out soon. homepage: Don Goliath