CAMINOS DE FUEGO VoL.1-By Dj Subversivo

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Dj. Subversivo, began a tour around Latin America (Peru. Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico etc), convinced that the borders are not barriers. And with the idea of revaluing the rich ethno-cultural diversity of our downtrodden and exploited continent. He explored this amazing beats!!
LOS INDIOS (Subversivo-original remix-Atahualpa Yupanki) by KONN®
Through valleys, forests, deserts, mountains and cities, into the heart of the jungles he went to know the real South America and its ancestral secrets, both from indigenous and the beautiful people of African descendants!
This fantastic track is also included!
FANDANGOTRON(Subversivo-Original Remix-Feat Busta Raymes ) by KONN®

Through his small mobile studio he did one of the sweetest “world music” EPs, and we can’t miss this humble work from the heart and with the hope to reconnect modern man with the earth.

[KR009]-¨CAMINOS DE FUEGO¨VoL.1-By Dj Subversivo by KONN®