Brujjas & Hanna Shinohara – Maestro de Ceremonias

Subklub is killing it !! A cumbia Bass mega project that will put Argentinian cumbia back in the map! FREE
Brujjas Deejay feat. Hanna Shinohara- Brujjas Squad (Free DL in description) by subklub
one of the most solid records that Subklub has edited so far, for several reasons, mainly is to present one of the most effervescent new projects on Buenos Aires scene: the union of Brujjas Deejay & Hanna Shinohara (a mixture of big bad bass, cumbia melodic riffs, tribal percussions and epic atmospheres) was a renewal well appreciated by the people in terms of sound and lyrical refreshing. Besides the seven original tracks, this release brings an extra … 7 remixes from a variety of all great producers (Javier Estrada, Caballo, DeltaTron, Freak Castro, Black Mandingo, Dj Vintage, & Relo) that complete an outstanding combo …

Caballo rmx- Zombie Dancing (Free DL in description) by subklub

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Brujjas ft. Hanna- Maestros de Ceremonia LP by subklub

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