New SoupuMusic website with freeload

soupu music banner

First there was the afro-house duo PepeSoup from Roma/Italia (producer Cukiman and the vocalist Miss Annie). With the first releases, the label Soupu Music came into existence in 2010. Within the last two years, Soupu Music constantly put some nice and interesting releases on the bass table, like the Lorenzo EP, a Soupu Allstars Compilation and of course PepeSoup incl a huge remix EP.
Most of the releases can be widely categorized as Afrohouse, but with more bass and percussion than what you would expect.

Now Soupu Music has a new website, and to make sure you move your lazy mousefinger there is also a freeload release waiting for you! “God bless House” has a very minimal tech note. Go check it out!

Full “God Bless House” EP is available as freeload on