Caballo & TMFK- Malandro (Free Tuki bass album)

TropicalBass is in the works of dropping an exclusive interview, and also premiering the documentary: WHO WANTS TUKI..

In order to get some people involved in the whole scene, we bring you the first album of tuki bass, from the whole upcoming wave.

Following the path opened by Yirbin, Pocz & Pacheko in terms of Tuki, which has been one the most ghetto genres in South America, normally banned by media and “posh” people, it grew basically out of sight from the conventional media.

Tuki is a blend between Changa, Raptor house, Hard Fusion…

But then, Pocz, Pacheko, Jairo Mendez, Mr Ioso, and few more took it to the next level: THE BASS LEVEL!

Caballo and Jairo Mendez -Temperatura (Bubbling Version) by caballo

Tuki Bass gets this elements and blends it with Bubbling and new elements such as Dubstep, Moombahton, Breakbeat, Digital Cumbia without losing its Raptor House explosion, and mixed with many venezuelan pop culture elements that they grew up with crazy style, and do not forget about the real shine!!! all the dancers are just amazing!

Malandro is a WHOLE ALBUM set for FREE.


Also this Damian-Skrillex Tuki version is included in the free album – so make sure you download the album!

Not everyone is happy to see the raise of the changa-tuki as a cultural movement. Most people see tuki as a social phenomenom that shouldn’t be exposed to American/European audiences.

Mainly because poor and violent neighborhoods were the first cradle of the movement. And the dancers really stood out!