Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto – Campo Alegre

The most relevant “gaiteros” from the planet, are releasing their first single called Campo Alegre.
Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto are a Colombian Icon in terms of cumbia and folklore.

Now with a mixture in their line up within first, second and third generations, this song features Juan “chichita” Fernandez
Los Gaiteros de San Jacinto – Campo Alegre by llorona records

After Pedro Ramaya’s EP, we have seen a great rising of original cumbia masters new material.
Pedro Ramaya Beltran-La Peluca ( El Rey del Millo) by latinoresiste

Including the very famous nowadays ONDATROPICA !!
Ondatrópica – Punkero Sonidero by Soundway

So in case you hadn’t checked this sick remix!!
Ondatrópica – I Ron Man ( Funkonami1 Remix ) by Funkonami1