Elo ft. FOKN Bois, Ya Pono and E-Fine – Azonto Releases (Free Download)

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Irie Maffia Productions is very proud to present to you their new azonto releases: “Bust My Brain” and “My Everywhere” by Elo!

While in Ghana, Irie Maffia’s producer ELO teamed up with two local pop-stars and once again with his friends of FOKN Bois to work on a new project.

The result are these two tunes “My Everywhere” by FOKN Bois and “Bust My Brain” by Ya Pono and E-Fine.

Azonto is an uptempo dance and music style of increasing popularity originating from Ghana, which is now steadily gaining more and more supporters all over the world.

To promote the release, they’ve decided to give you one of the tunes for free. You can get “Bust My Brain” exclusively on Elo’s Facebook fanpage. Just hit the “Like” button to unlock the tune!


Bust My Brain (facebook)


“My Everywhere” will be out in October on the Belgian dance label Wanted Records.

In addition, they’ve shot a funny video for the FOKN Bois collabo “My Everywhere”, that you’ll surely enjoy.

Facebook: Elo