Kush Arora -TRIBAL WAR

Posted On By Caballo

Two of the originators of the whole Global Bass movement, Kush Arora and Process Rebel get together once again!!

Kush Arora’s ‘Tribal War’ is a deep electro-tribal stomp with dubbed out grunts and calls weaving through lush sweeping pads anchored to punchy percussion, a tough focused kick and air-eating foundation-shaking bass.

Kush Arora – Tribal War by Subinfinity Recordings

‘Tribal War (Process Rebel Remix)’ twists it up in an anthemic dub joint where fresh melody, glitchy atmosphere, an elastic lead and Beach Boy’s reminiscent rave stabs set you dancing on a tiki torch lit beach with the sun going down.
Kush Arora – Tribal War (Process Rebel Remix) by Subinfinity Recordings