Juke Ellington Fest!

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One of the youngest and most amazing producers from Belgium is Juke Ellington.
He is famously known for being one of the best in Baltimore Club, Ghetto Bass, moombahjuke, Footwork/juke.

His influences mainly arise from the hip-hop, but also Chicago House, hardcore, Dubstep, techno, and other ghetto sounds.

And because he is all over the place, and collaborating with so many people that we decided to be fair, and to drop a whole Juke Fest. literally!!!

With some of his upcoming tracks, and some of the recent upload, and a bunch of free tracks.

So to begin let’s start with a 808 bass track, which is pretty much the roots of this new movement, Generally 808s and 909s, the drums tend to be very focused sounds. The kicks are note specific, the snares are super cutting, and the hats are very bright and tingy. In other words, the lows are low, the mids are mid-rangy, and the highs are high.
Juke Ellington – 808 SeaTrap // B2TFB II // FREE DOWNLOAD by Juke Ellington

Next is also set as a free DL
this one came from BAAN’s Batman (via bad shoes records) and it is an super footwork track!
Baan – Bitch I’am Batman ( Juke Ellington Remix ) // FREE EP IN DESCRIPTION by Juke Ellington

One of the most interesting aspects of Juke Ellington’s Music is that the kick drum often acts as the bass instrument, although he does keep the harmony aesthetic as well.
El Cucuy x Nathaniel Knows – Party Bitches (Juke Ellington Remix) by Juke Ellington

This one also we dropped few days ago
a Free juke/footwork of Italian Ackeejuice Rockers’ Dancehall EP
Ackeejuice Rockers – Girls, girls, girls ( Juke Ellington Remix ) FREE DL by Juke Ellington

Finally, one song that brings all the style of his remixes
Taste Tester – Been Had (Juke Ellington Remix) by Juke Ellington