Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 24

Yeah mon, this is Andrés Digital original Cumbia Round Up going into the 3 year now. This time again a lil bit on the House Side of Cumbia Remixes presenting 5 hot Cumbias between Future and Past. All extremly groovy and fresh !! Also check out our brandnew 3ballistic Release – El Tribalero

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Cumbia No 1 – Lisandro Meza – Tu Sera Mi Cumbia (Afro Kumbe Remix)Afro Kumbe
Afro Kumbé (Miami, US) is the Electronic Side project of 2x Grammy Nominated Locos por Juana. Mark Kondrat, Itagui Correa, and Javier Delgado combine their love for Colombian Cumbia’s, Electronic Beats and Ragga Freestyles to come up with a Fresh, New Sound.

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Cumbia No 2 – sonikgroove – Better Dan Dem Riddim ft. Prince Osito
Sonikgroove (Bogotá/Barcelona, Spain) is the solo project of artist Rodolfo Venegas, colombian producer and Dj based in Barcelona. His tropical electronica is rooted on well defined basses and beats with influences of bassline, dub, dubstep mixed with latin rhythms specially cumbia.
In an effort to mix analog and digital technologies, Sonikgroove applies different tools to give life to his own productions and also is member and co-founder of the band Territorio Comanche.
sonikgrooveSound experimentation of digital and analogue, the love of ancient Latin and avant-garde, are constantly within the musical development of this artist who has and continues to pursue its own space in the world

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Cumbia No 3 – Dany F – Show me love
Here comes the yougster. Deepcumbiaboy Dany F aka. Dany Florez from Medellin, Colombia is wellknown for his House-Cumbia Remixes. Loveley Stuff.


Cumbia No 4 – Oscilador- Cubitas StyleOscilador
Oscilador is a sound odyssey directed by a robot that came to earth from a place called cumbia, the story begins when the supreme being on a journey of recognition throughout the land where you realize that humanity is full of problems and differences, and decide to create a sound that will bring delight to all mankind, with drums, trumpets and accordions sound carries the flavor inugualable every corner of your new crossing mundo.dentro this robot was collecting all the sounds of world in order to understand and transmit them to your next generation of musical explorers.


Cumbia No 5 – Mighty Dub Cats vs. Fatboy Slim – Magic Carpet Ride (Vetiver Bong Remix)
vetiver bongVetiver Bong (México DF) get inspired by Mexico City to create this kind of soundtrack of his life. But his escapes to the beach during Eastern inspired them too, as well as any starred table dance establishments, and the night, the bars, its decadence and double senses. The streets, the country bars, ‘ficheras’ films, marketplaces, bongs, ‘Que transa con las bandas’ book, magazines, amongst many others inspire them too.
There’s an unofficial story that says Joaquin had to rob stone sacks to buy Vetiver Bong’s mask and his white shirts… but that will never be known for sure. Watch out for his Cumbia Weapons II

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Oooooookay Señores y Señoras, Sistren y Bredren catch me if you can at Notting Hill Carnival (London, UK). This is the biggest Caribbean Carnival outside the Caribe. I play together with the Movimientos Crew on Saturday (25.) at Hootananny Brixton and there will be a Gig on Carnival Sunday too witch is tbc. There will be a Carnival Post soon on So keep yourself informed. Cumbia Round Up will come back next second Sunday as every Second Sunday of the Month. Siguelo !!