Andrés Digital Monthly Cumbia Round Up Episode No 23

Okok, I know, some of you missed this Round Up last week. I’m late sorry !! But here it is, here comes Andrés Digital original Cumbia Round Up on This is Round 23. You ready for the Lucha ? Again I have 5 fine remixed Cumbias with lots of Bass for you. We’re starting in Mexico over to España and back to Argentina. Wicked Music, que vive la Cuuuuuumbia !!

[audio: |titles= Monthly Cumbia RoundUp #23 |artists=Andrés Digital]
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Cumbia No 1 – Albert Dj – Loquito Por Ti
Alberto Alquicira Dominguez is Albert DJ, comes from Mexico DF and loves to remix Cumbiaclassics. This one gives a good drive to Armando Hernandez beautiful Cumbia Loquito por ti.

Cumbia No 2 – Polymiller ft. Ali Gua Gua – No mas sangreKumbia Queers
Ali Gardoqui aka Ali Gua Gua was born in Veracruz and lives between Mexico DF and Buenos Aires. She’s part of the Tropical Punk Project Kumbia Queers and runs more projects (Garage Rock with the ULTRASONICAS, Electrocumbia with AFRODYKE) DJ GUAGUIS is the alter ego as Selector.

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Cumbia No 3 – Nava Show – La Guacharaquera (Sebby Frescoe bootleg)
sebby frescoeSebby Frescoe grew up in Santa Fe and lives in Santa Cruz. He started in 2002 making Dubstep. In the spirit of a continued evolution of style he begun a series featuring versions and edits of some popular cumbia throughout Latin America.These bootleg versions fuse cumbia and bass music producing quite a unique and interesting combination.


Cumbia No 4 – Superpendejos – El Macho Pendejo (La Sintonia Es Total)
The Superpendejos universe is full of colors, sonic landscapes, deep emotion, love, and awareness activism, it’s a way of life that creates a unique style of music. Made with love, spiced up with bass for maximum dancing pleasure add to that a tropical twist and some bouncing beats and you have it. Al Lindrum & David Miret take digital cumbia into new territories adding a deephouse feeling to the phychedelic sounds of cumbia. They released a Must-Have Ep “Ya Sta Qi” on Urban World Records


Tu Guaina

Cumbia No 5 – Tu Guaina – Cabeleraaa!
Tu Guaina (Argentina) is a multicreative Artist. He is Vj, he makes Art and Illustration with Exhibitons in various gallerys. He does Film and Photography and he produces Cumbiastep Bangers. He has a EP out on Caballito.