Zee Reach – Can’t Stop EP (+ exclusive free tune)

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As we already announced a while ago, Strasbourg based producer Zee Reach just released his first EP on Sleep Disorders. “Can’t Stop”, a wild ride from Tropical Bass to Moombahton to Merengue to Bmore, contains three original tracks plus a bunch of remixes by an international squad of producers (J-Trick from Australia, Tricksta, Kilbourne and Noise Twins from the US, Galletas Calientes from Colombia, and Banana Split from France).
We got Zee Reach for a little interview about his work and person and also have a not so little goodie for you: You can download “Six Milli ways to die”, a Baile-Bashment monster designed for the dancefloor, sampling Cutty Ranks most famous verses ever, exclusively for FREE here on tropicalbass.com!

The unavoidable intro-question: who are you and where are you from? 
I’m Zee Reach, French Dj & producer with Latina American origins. I was born in south of France but since 20 years I live in Strasbourg just near Germany.  I produce Moombah, Tropical Bass and House but I like to pass through many music styles as Jump Style, Baile Funk and Kuduro. Create something new and cross different styles.
I’m the man you have to invite to tumba la casa with fun! I’m a colourfull friendly guy mixing banging’ trax like a butcher! I like it when it’s crazy in a good mood with the crowd and I try to achieve a kind of sound that don’t give you any choice but to dance.

What is your musical background?
I originally come from Hip Hop where I was Dj and Beatmaker for crews, Dj for a radio show and also mixed Hip Hop & PFunk at parties and events in France and Germany during 10 years. Even if Hip Hop is part of my generation, I always listened to all styles of music since my childhood so I have no musical barriers when I produce.
I produced a lot of musics under different names and I was nominated “Artist to follow” by Traxx Magazine (Famous French mag) in 2009, “Artist to Follow” by Kissy Sell Out BBC Radio 1 in 2010, remixed by Yolanda Be Cool, Dj Gant Man, Douster, Kodh, OG Bulldog to name a few and many licences signed all around the world as Hed Kandi.

How come you turned to a more “Tropical” sound? Your style fuses a lot of influences from Dancehall to Moombahton to Baile Funk.
I turned to produce more tropical sounds because I want to see all the heads have fun and dancin’ on it. Seriously, I love the vibes from Global Bass, it’s like the new sound of all this type of music.

Your first solo EP dropped today. How are the responses so far?
Well I had a lot a reply from fans and Dj’s awaiting this release, few articles on blogs speaking about it in a good way as the new sound of 2012 in Global Bass music and much support from Dj’s and authors involved in this project. I’m surprised and glad to see some Hip Hop heads liked this sound too!

Do you want to achieve a specific sound with that release? What’s interesting for you at the moment stylewise?
It’s not really a specific sound for me, but I may be too involved to realize. I think that everybody has a specific sound, if it’s not in the styles it’s in the way of production.
Sometimes when you hear music, even not knowing who it is, you could recognize, because of the sound. That’s what I want to do and for now I think, with the feedback I get, that I succeed to have my proper “sound”. People recognize my sound without knowing who made this music.
For now I’m interested in Moombah and trying to push it here in Europe, especially in France & Germany with many projects. I also like and follow the Baile Funk new scene and the Dancehall Jump style. But as I said I’m always producing and looking for new styles.

You were able to work with remixers around the world for the release. I like the many different approaches from different people that are fused in the release.
Yes well thank you, I’m glad you liked it. In fact I’m always looking to have well known and less known DJs/producers from all around the world whose sound I like. I contacted J-Trick because I really like his way of producing, Tricksta because he’s a crazy MC rapping on DNB so fast and I met him 2 years ago for another project I made in 2010. Galletas Calientes is a French guy living in Colombia and producing a lots of releases on his label, he contacted me to have one of my tracks and I started to listen what he did because I didn’t know him and I liked it! I discovered Noise Twins on Soundcloud and I had a spank! They are twins and come from New Jersey, and the remix they made for the release is the third or fourth track they made ever. For me, the first track they made is a Killah Moombah beat. Banana Split comes from Strasbourg (my city) and I met him during a Moombah party. He’s the first dude mixing Moombahton in town and he was happy to see me mixing Moombah too! We support each other with parties and productions. He produces great Moombah. Kilbourne was following me on Facebook and we met each other speaking about music. Like the others I also like his way of producing and now he invited me to produce for his release.
In fact I produce music with people I met and I liked, well known or less.

You are also pretty active in remixing. Any interesting collaborations in the making so far?
Yes, I like remixing and most of the time I try to do something really different from the original. I just made a remix of Kilbourne for the Faye Reagan Ep, and I’m working on a remix for The Very Best feat. Seye’s new tune Kondaine.

What are the next steps for 2012? More releases, shows, dates?
Next dates so far:
-Fête de la musique (June 21st) Place Broglie / Strasbourg
-Notting Hill Carnival
-September: Global Booty Shake / Freiburg (Germany)
-September: Sneakers Trade Show / Strasbourg

I’m looking for a sponsorship to go mixing in Barcelona this summer. With my agent we’re working to make a mini tour in America (East Coast) and another in Europe. Any promoters are interested call Hanna!!! Then I’m working on big project with Puma, more to come soon. Dum Dum was just licensed for a GoPro Supercross video. And I’m preparing another EP for this summer on Sleep Disorders records with remixers like Munchi, Bigmakk, Milangeles, Saur, and Pwedza.

[audio:http://tropicalbass.com/tunes/1-Zee%20Reach_Six%20Mili%20Ways%20To%20Die_Original%20Mix.wav.MP3|titles= Six Milli Ways To Die |artists= Zee Reach]
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You can still get the promo-mixtape for the EP by DJ Narain Ashad exclusively here, a wild ride through everything Bass, with the new Zee Reach tracks sitting comfortable amidst a multitude of the finest stuff burning global urban dancefloors right now. Special thanks to Narain from Zee Reach and tropicalbass.com for the support and good work!