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Sanjin & Youthman – For A While (Balkan Dancehall)

Posted on 23 June 2012 by Caballo

ORIGINAL BALKAN DANCEHALL TAKIN OVA’ was the slogan that popped up last year when SANJIN & YOUTHMAN released their first official single RUNNIN’ DIS TOWN. The duo of cousins — originally hailing from Bosanka Gradiska/Bosnia but now living in Sweden — started it’s musical journey more than 10 years ago within the belly of the Swedish underground hiphop scene. SANJIN & YOUTHMAN is DeeJay SANJIN and his counterpart SingJay YOUTHMAN who is also producing. YOUTHMAN as well provided the majority of the instrumentals for their debut EP that we’d like to introduce to you today…

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