[Mixtape/compilation] Stolen From Africa Vol.2 ‘Lest We Forget’

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Stolen From Africa are a collective who try to keep alive the Irie vibe, not just in spirit but doing a bunch of things from workshops to Music compilations

This time, they bring their Vol 2 mixtape compilation
which is set for FREE DOWNLOAD right HERE

With some tracks from the likes of Stephen Marley, Damian Marley, M1 (Dead Prez), Buju Banton and many more!!
Although we are very pleased to see the opening track comes from our brothers Voodoo souljah who were present in Root A pacifica from LATINO RESISTE!!

Here it is the tune LIVE!!

STOLEN FROM AFRICA Vol.2 ‘Lest We Forget‘ Mixed by Future Buddha Dj Akiin


Afrika Voodoo Souljahs

Ayiti – Howard Johnson

I self – Tru-Paz

Legitimate – Jah 9

Jah Army(Remix) –Stephen Marley, Damian Marley, M1 (Dead Prez), Buju Banton

The Roots -Awadi feat: M1 (Dead Prez), Bouba Kirikou

The Village – Ian Kamau

Build & Destroy – KDB feat: Eso Teriq

The light -Reema Major

Prophecy – Kabaka Pyramid

War – Crimez feat: Obie

My Yout – Talk Sik (Plazma Cru)

Moving Forward- Nomadic Massive

J.A – Protoje

Love – JRDN feat: Melanie Fiona

Heavenly generation – Shing Shing Regime

Woman Are- Lost Lyrics feat: Rich Kidd, Obie

Rasta Love- Protoje feat: Ky-mani Marley

Tears of The Sun-Eyezon

Robbed – Quanche

Shaka zulu Pickney-Tarrus Riley

Outro – Donisha Prendergast ( Bob Marley Granddaughter)