Milangeles – Turismo Sexual EP

Italian Moombahtonistas, MILANGELES, drop their Turismo Sexual EP, a wicked tropical album with remixes from DV3K-Z, Caballo, Juke Ellington, Chi-C and many more!!!
Milangeles is the new side project of the 100% Presi Bene, that borns in the metropolitan jungle’s night. A two hands project, tough as the land from which it comes from and alive as the ethnic groups whom live there. Slow, hot and arrogant, the beat goes over entire generations of latin sounds and mix them to synth, trumpets and chests covered up, with an academic technique.
Milangeles – Turismo Sexual EP /// Remixes by MILANGELES

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Check the original tracks!!!
Milangeles – De Janeiro by MILANGELES

Milangeles – Pegaito by MILANGELES

Caballo’s remix
Milangeles- pegaito (caballo remix) by caballo