dEbruit – From The Horizon

Posted On By Leub

This week, french producer dEbruit has released a new masterpiece, his first ever album called “From The Horizon”, he has been working on, in the past three years. Now, it’s finally out on Civil Music. The 13 track strong album is a exciting joyride through modern electronic music styles and HipHop beats mixed with Western African Music from the past and present. If you like his famous underground anthem “Nigeria What?” you will love this album, for sure. The concept of “From The Horizon” is pretty much the same, but takes this style in further directions. No tune sounds alike, every one is unique in it’s very own way, but i think it’s best if you listen yourself and build your own opinion…

check the album promo mix here:

and listen some of my favorites from the album in their full length:

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