I remember when I was writing for Generation Bass that I got a wicked email from some Russian guys called Midget Ninjas Soundsystem who were doing a bunch of bass parties in Moscow, Then when they dropped another one I posted them here again!! and since then.. i have been trying to post their stuff always…cuz it is wicked!!!

After few months in the studio!! They are back!

From the dark communist past to the bright Soviet future. Retrofuturistic beats from the shadow empire. Lenin rollz in his grave to the heavy bass. Soviet Bass was a weapon developed in top secret underground bunkers by visionary communist scientists.!!!
Midget Ninjas – RED Tomorrow by Chuck Upbeat

The results of testing on animals and prisoners of war were terryfying.
The Soviet leaders decided to keep it in a safe compound as a mean of last resort. But it has been (accidentaly?) leaked by a drunken security guard.

Midget Ninjas – Infected With Lenin by Chuck Upbeat
These sound files got in the hands of the Midget Ninjas Clan. And now the sound beast is out infesting the world with a new ideological virus.
The armies of mechanized babushkas are taking over the world. Are you ready for the Red tomorrow?
Midget Ninjas – The Kirgudu Dance by Chuck Upbeat