Chanel embraces Tropical Bass Music

Posted On By Jelka

Chanel might be the most important fashion label worldwide for decades now, and chef designer Karl Lagerfeld is without a doubt one of the most influential figures not only for the fashion world but also for contemporary popular culture. Now it seems he dipped into the world of Tropical Bass music.

This week Chanel has shown it’s Cruise Collection for 2012/13 in the beautiful garden of Versailles, and the soundtrack accompanying the Marie Antoinette/80s/Pastel/5th Element-Madness on the runway was made up by well known names in the global Bassmusic circus. Michel Gaubert, responsible for the sound design of each Chanel show as well as couple of other big names and mastermind behind the well-known Colette compilations, seems to have a heavy crush on the new Schlachthofbronx album “Dirty Dancing”. Three tracks alone can be heard in the video for the show (Singstar feat. the one and only Gnucci Banana, Apizaco and That G-String Track; further Crooker’s That Laughing Track), opening and closing the walk. I also found a different tracklisting which might be the original for the live show, also featuring M.I.A with Bad Girls and a Moombahton Remix of MJs Thriller by Sabo. Crazy!