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Buzz A Buzz – Moombahtonist (Free Downloads)

Posted on 09 April 2012 by Leub

Buzz A Buzz aka. Bigg Buzz is another member of the Braunschweig based Dancehall Sound Motagen and like his partner Dazed Dog, Buzz A Buzz is also pretty much into Moombahton. On his soundcloud page he has a lot of great Remixes and Edits of well known Pop, Hiphop and Dancehall Tunes, you guys will enjoy a lot. Here is a little selection of his newest ones. All of them can be downloaded for free, of course:


Buzz A Buzz – Moombah Herbalist (sendspace)


SoulForce ft Skarra Mucci – Love Moombah Bad – Buzz A Buzz Remix (sendspace)


SoulForce ft Ward21 – Moombah Power – Buzz A Buzz Remix (sendspace)


Buzz A Buzz – Moombah Bitch Hustlin (sendspace)

Facebook: Motagen Sound

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